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Join us for our regular monthly HealthQuake event where bring together our community of life scientists, data scientists, venture capitalists, and others interested in data driven health. We mix up the format to include expert panels and keynote talks.


We run bespoke programmes to help health organisations and corporations to access innovation through the startup community . These can take the form of hackathons, moonshots or full accelerator and incubation programmes


We help founders by connecting them with the resources that they need to build scaleable businesses in the domain of data driven health and life science. We have a network of over 400 investor/mentors and 50 global venture capital firms

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Data Driven Health

Why we care
The innovative application of data will transform the delivery of health and life science

The combination of exponential technologies offers the possibility of solving the big challenges facing humanity such as how to treat a rapidly ageing population. The deployment of advanced data science such as AI, machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing alongside massive advances in imaging and genomics can help to predict and prevent illness as well as providing cures for a whole host of medical conditions. However, these huge advances will not come without risks. The HealthQuake community will be encouraged to engage with both sides of the argument to ensure that society can access the advantages whilst minimising the risks. We also want to encourage corporate health organisations to connect with innovative early stage startups to accelerate their own innovation processes and to encourage investors to ensure that this innovation is well funded.

  • This community is designed to help individual data scientists, life scientists, health professionals and startups founder with an interest in transforming health delivery with the latest technologies. Join our events as a guest or take a speaker slot. If you decide to launch a startup we can help with mentoring through the network or with access to funding with angels or VCs. Finally, you can use the community to find interesting projects to work on.

  • Corporations and other large health related organisations find it hard to innovate as it often involves cannibalisation of their business model and disruption of their current operations. They may find it hard to access the resources they need in a data intensive world. We provide access to the best startups and experts through our events, workshops and accelerator programmes. We can provide you with a range of sponsorship options to suit your requirements and budget.

  • Give back to the community as a mentor and benefit from access to great ideas and inspiring people. Mentoring is a great way to spot future winners and get involved with the grass-roots. It also allows you to average the skills that you have acquired throughout your career.

  • Whether you are an angel or a venture capital partner you will always be welcome at HealthQuake events. You will find the best data driven startups and meet inspiring founders, data scientists and health experts. London is set to be a world leading eco-system for data driven health companies and access to capital will be key to making this happen.

The HealthQuake TEAM

Paul Dowling

Paul has over 30 years experience of working in technology and management consulting firms. He has also spent the last 10 years working with startup founders and investors in the European technology startup eco-system. He is a regular speaker at international startup events and mentors for several leading accelerators. Paul is passionate about the potential for large and medium size organisations to innovate through artificial intelligence and insights gained through data science.

Kateryna Portmann

Kateryna provides insight into leading analytic practices, design and lead iterative learning and development cycles, and ultimately producing new and creative analytic solutions. Her key interest is in developing value-based healthcare initiatives, population health sciences and the use data and technology enable healthcare for both funding and provision services.

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